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Hello! Get settled and grab yourself some coffee. I’d like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Christen Patin. I live in south Louisiana and absolutely love it down here. It’s where I have built the life I am proud of.

I am a stay at home mother to two sweet little girls. Ally Reese who is 4 and Aubree Rose who is 3. I had them very close together. I had my mind made up that I would have my kids close in age and I would knock out pregnancy and breastfeeding all at once. What I didn’t know is how hard and rewarding it would be. With that said, we would like to add a caboose to the family..but the caboose will have to wait. Both my husband and I’s sanity..and maybe even my boobs lives depend on it.

Before I became a SAHM, I was actually a stay at home wife. I know you’re like..what? We will save that story for another time. But before that, I was a Cosmetology Educator for Aveda Institute in Lafayette. I taught Design, Hair Cutting, Coloring, Chemical, Manicure, Pedicures, name it. I was even a Certified Aveda Colorist! I loved my job and I loved my students. I loved the relationships it created and I love the memories it left me with. I was the beauty guru of the family. I took pride in it because my parents were so incredibly proud of me, my husband was proud of me and making other people feel as beautiful as they are, just fuels my soul.

Fast forward back to today, I am not only a SAHM but I am also a Director for LimeLife By Alcone. I have been with this company for almost three full years. Staying at home with my girls is one of the most wonderful experiences and I am so blessed to have this opportunity. But with that said, it is so easy to lose yourself. What I mean by that is, when you’re meant for more but not living up to your full potential, it is so easy to start feeling empty. You see, I was ready to become a mother. I was ready to take on the needs of my little people with so much force, it was unreal. And I did that. I’ve been doing that. I’m still doing that. It is so fulfilling. Exhausting but so, so very gratifying. I knew deep down inside, there was more than just being a mother and a wife, especially for me. I needed something that would make me feel like I belonged. I needed something to put a little more pep in my step, I need something that would fuel my passions, I needed something that I could do from home so I wouldn’t miss a single second of my little’s littlehood..I needed something that would give my life more meaning. I’ll save you a lot of explanation but I prayed hard and long for months. I did my research and LimeLife just kind of fell in my lap. I’d like to pretend that I am a full on crunchy mama, most of my friends see me as one, but I’m not as crunchy as they get. What I am trying to say is that, this company’s mission with it’s products aligned with what I wanted out of a marketing company and what kind of products we like to use. I took a leap and two years later, I’m just a few stops from the top of the company with a team of absolute beautiful warriors who all are here for pretty much the same reasons I am. You might be rolling your eyes by now, it’s okay. It’s my story and I am proud of it.

Adding on to all of this. I am a believer. I grew up as a deacons daughter in our church. We were there every time the doors opened to the time the doors closed.  I believe that faith in God changes everything. I believe that the power of prayer is real. I believe if you are not feeling like you’re enough, your marriage is failing, everything keeps going wrong instead of right, mom life is drowning you, work is stealing all of your joy or the storm simply will not stop…you need to get yourself in check and remember who is in charge. God can turn your mess into a beautiful message, if you let it.

I am looking forward to starting this journey with you and getting to know you all. My intention for this blog is to share my life and my journey with you. All of it. The good, the bad, the ugly as well as the beauty in between. Here’s to 2020, let’s do this!

14 thoughts on “Get to know me

  1. You are a complete muse my friend! I’m proud of you for sharing the beautiful story that is yours with others. You have always, and will continue to be, my inspiration!

  2. I love you, your story & your heart. I can’t wait to follow this journey with you, I’m such a proud friend❤️

    xoxo Britt 😘

  3. You are a beautiful young lady inside and out. I have know you since you were born and loved you the whole time. Love your story 😍😍😍

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