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There’s a new boutique in town or at least in cyber land and I’m super excited to tell you all about it. It’s been one of my main go tos for the last few months. I have had a lot of people ask me about my clothes and where I shop from so I figured, blogging about it would make this easy for everyone! My best friend and stylist Betsy Guidry is who dresses me and has agreed to work with me on this, so I hope you enjoy!

Betsy Guidry is originally from the bootheel of Missouri. She moved to South Louisiana a little over 10 years ago and is where she currently resides with her husband and two small children. She is a Fashion Merchandiser,  Esthetician, Aveda trained Educator, Etsy Shop Owner and AsherKate Boutique Stylist. She enjoys playing outside with her little ones, loves coffee, reading and the beach!

What is AsherKate?

AsherKate is an online boutique specializing in women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. It launched in September 2018 and is headquartered in Katy, Texas. In addition to helping you express your style, AsherKate provides opportunities for personal success through their Stylist program. AsherKate is also committed to helping women, children and communities around the word by donating 5% of every order to a featured charity.

Why did you become a Stylist for AsherKate and what exactly do you do?

I have known Gina, the owner, since she lived in Lafayette and owned a popular boutique in town called Artesia. When I saw that she was launching an online boutique, I was very interested! Even more interested when I saw she was offering opportunities for women to work with her and represent AsherKate. As a work-from-home-mom who has been passionate about fashion and clothing for as long as I can remember, being an AK Stylist is my dream job!

As a Stylist, I help women find AsherKate clothing and accessories that work best for them, just like a personal stylist would. I have a Facebook based Insiders Group where I share new releases, style tips, outfit ideas, promotions, giveaways and more! I also just launched what I call “Betsy, Dress Me” -an opportunity to have complimentary styling session with me. You complete a form that I will send, which includes your preferences and budget and from there I will handpick styles that I feel will work best for you!

As a Senior Stylist, I also get to mentor and guide new Stylists for AsherKate Boutique.

What is your favorite AsherKate piece that you own?

That’s a hard one– I really do love them all! I definitely wear my Jeggings the a tie between my distressed Presley Jeggings and our new Sanai White Fringe Top. I can’t resist the pull-on stretch of the Jeggings and the top is so trendy and comfortable!

What do we have to look forward to from AsherKate?

So much goodness! For Spring and Summer we have released a lot of versatile clothing style options. Sunglasses, sandals, handbags and a lot of beautiful jewelry. We will continue to see new arrivals bi-monthly– more seperates, athleisure, accesories and a few other surprises! 🙂

What is a style you think people should stop wearing?

I really feel like these days, anything goes. If you love it and it makes you feel good, wear it! If you’re uncomfortable in it and are worried about it, then it’s probably not the best choice for you! I probably need to stop wearing my high school and college sweatshirts from 15+ years ago..but aren’t those the comfiest?!

How do you like to use color?

I have to admit that I love the color black myself, but I am really working to branch out using color for myself. I like pairing color with a muted pattern and colored jeggings are a fun accent right now. A pop of colored fringe earrings is a favorite of mine.

What is the most fun part to being a Stylist?

I really enjoy helping other women look and feel their best! I love the personal styling aspect and getting to pick pieces specifically for my customer’s needs and purposes. I also love each time we have new releases, it’s so exciting to share!

What would you never wear?

Never say never, but I don’t think I would wear a matching jacket and pant wind-suit ever again.

Your daytime uniform?

If I’m working from home, I’m most definitely in workout leggings and a tank. If I’m out and about- skinny jeans and a fun top or a simple dress with slip-ons.

Describe your style in 3 words…

Classic, Casual and Chic.

I would like to thank Betsy for taking her time to help me put this together. I really hope that you guys enjoy this write up. Betsy is not only a really good friend of mine but she is always my main go to whenever I am having a panic attack in my closet. She makes shopping and getting dressed easy and fun. Any questions I have, she is always quick to respond and if she doesn’t have an answer, she finds one! If you would like to reach out to Betsy for a styling consultation, learn more about becoming a stylist or would like to shop around, her links are down below:




Instagram: @betsy.guidry.maker.stylist

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