Rules For Wearing A Swimsuit

I know I don’t have an in-shape body. I wasn’t in great shape before pregnancies, during pregnancies, after pregnancies and I gained more weight while breastfeeding than I did while my babies were baking in the oven. I have stretch marks, I have cellulite, I have empty tube sock tee-tahs and I’ve gone a mean muffin top. My thighs are full of thunder and lightening. My arms could come in a close race with Drogon’s wings on Game of Thrones. My double chin game is strong and up until last year…I wasn’t confident sporting any of that in a swim suit. Over the last year I’ve talked with a lot of women about body image and swimsuit season. I’ve compiled a few key things I think are important for swimsuit wearing this season.

R U L E S F O R W E A R I N G A S W I M S U I T:

1. Have a Body. Love your body and teach your mind to respect it! Workout because you love yourself or don’t if it’s not your thing but love your body either way. Love the scars, the shape & curves, the stretch marks, the size..all of it; from head to toe. Love your favorite parts and your not so favorite parts. Love every square inch of the body that you wake up in every single day. Love the body that God gave you. Don’t let the world tell you what kind of body you should have or strive for. Your body is also just a part of who you are, it isn’t EVERYTHING you are. And last time I checked, I don’t think fluffy or out of shape is the absolute worst thing you can be in life. Be proud you have a body! Be proud of the things it’s done and will do!

2. Wear the swimsuit. Wear the swimsuit. WEAR THE SWIMSUIT. Wear the one that you feel lovely in. Wear the one that makes you happy. Wear the one you’ve been eyeballing for months. Wear the one that you love before everyone else starts saying what they don’t like about it. Wear the one that you and your subconscious are aggressively in love with. Stop comparing yourself to women on the internet. Stop worrying about the women on the side of you and what they’re wearing or how their body looks. Stop worrying if they’re looking at you or whispering things. That’s their character and their problem, not yours. Worry about yourself. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Stay in your own lane, even when the traffic sucks.

3. If you have children, rule #3 is for you. Mamas..we only have 18 delicious summers with our babies. What summer are you on? How many summers have you spent worrying about your swimsuit body while your children beg you to play? Forgive me if I’m hitting a sensitive spot but you need to hear this. Your children do not care about any of the things that bother you about your body. They care about your time and attention with them. Whether you are splashing in a pool with them, running through a tunnel of spraying water or hunched over building sand castles. Those are the memories they want and need. They will unfortunately learn about negative body image through tv and magazine but it’s our job as their parent to teach them to love their body no matter what. You’re the only person who’s worried about your body and what it does when you run, squat or bend over. Stop worrying about it! Teach yourself to love the skin you’re in. Make those memories with your babies. They’re only little once. They’ll remember the fun over the flab. I promise.

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