13 Reasons Why…You Need A Hollywood Laser Peel:

I know you’re already wondering what the heck this is, so I will make this quick and painless, just like the procedure!

The Hollywood Laser Peel is a fancy way of saying Carbon Laser Facial. It’s also known as the Charcoal Facial or Charcoal Peel. Liquid Carbon is applied directly to the entire face, then the laser is used to remove it. When the laser goes off, it blasts the carbon away. The carbon absorbs contaminants in the skin, so when the laser zaps the carbon off, it removes that too! And that is reason #1 why you should get one of these peels!

#2: Your skin will get a much needed exfoliation. Proper exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface. Meaning it can unclog your pores and leave a fresh new layer of skin that’s more accepting of the moisturizers you use. It makes the products you use, work much more efficiently!

#3: It will improve the skin’s texture. Skin texture can often end up damaged or uneven due to the sun, scarring, dehydration, lack of the right vitamin usage and even season change among other things. This peel will immediately improve the way your skin looks and feels. It will make your makeup application look much smoother too!

As you can see here, I have a few breakouts on my forehead. This is what I was looking forward to treating. I don’t break out very often! The one above my eyebrow was so intense and painful!

#4: You can expect your fine lines to be reduced! The laser is actually pretty warm when you feel the surge go off so it causes the skin to contract and it stimulates collagen! This means you will see your skin be much firmer and have a more youthful appearance.

#5: Your pores will shrink. This was a huge one for me and definitely one of the main things I noticed about this treatment. My pores aren’t really large or dilated in any particular place. However, my nose seems to be one of the only areas that I will regularly get whiteheads. My pores are just wide open there so it makes sense that they just accept dirt, oil and bacteria with open arms…you know what I mean. It’s been several weeks since I received this facial and that’s one of the biggest changes I have seen in my skin. My nose doesn’t have pot holes all over it anymore. Stop laughing, it’s not funny. But seriously, if larger pores are a thing for you, this is your jam!

#6: Zero Downtime! Let’s be honest, we live in a fast paced world and we often want to partake in things that give us fast results. There aren’t many things in life that offer a quick fix, but this service will offer immediate results afterward and the days following. Imagine if you continuously received this service once a month and how much your skin and complexion would thank you!

#7. With that said, it isn’t painful at all. I wouldn’t even go far as to say it’s uncomfortable. It definitely does have a sensation though. It’s almost like when your arm or foot goes to sleep and then it starts to tingle. It’s like quick little zaps of tingle. If that makes any sense!

This photo was taken about a week after the treatment. This photo has not been edited or altered in any way. The breakouts were gone and the one I worried about the most above my eyebrow had disappeared and I was left with a soft, smooth surface. No bumpy scar tissue or anything that causes your makeup to cake up on top of in efforts to cover.

#8. It’ll set your acne straight! Having a breakout is actually a prime time to get the treatment. Since it blasts out all the bacteria responsible for the acne, it can minimize and diminish those bad boys within just a few short days. Whether your skin is acne prone in general, you have hormonal breakouts, reactions to medications…it’ll help!

#9. The regenerative results with your collagen and elasticity in the skin continues for weeks and months to come and there’s an even higher success rate with following the recommended treatment schedule.

#10. This treatment is a quick and easy way to achieve bright, smooth and beautiful skin just before prom, a photoshoot, a wedding or any type of special event where you’d like to show up just a little more extra than normal. Even if you have no events coming up and you’d like to sport the best skin you’ve ever had…consider this!

#11. It’s what a lot of celebrities do!  A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie do this treatment very often and their skin is gorgeous! They also probably benefit from many other treatments and procedures but this particular charcoal facial promises plump, soft and radiant skin!

#12. This treatment is well suited for many skin types and skin conditions. I will say that if you are sensitive like me, you should do just fine. However, you’ll be able to judge best upon consultation with your skin care specialist.

#13. You deserve some Red Carpet pampering. If you are a mom and you are reading this, you know just as much as I do, you aren’t getting enough sleep. You’re probably not drinking enough water. You’re probably not filling your cup regularly like you should. You’re probably not taking care of yourself or your skin like you want to. Cut to the chase and splurge on yourself because you deserve it!

I enjoyed this treatment and I look forward to my next one! You can schedule a consultation or appointment by calling Laser SkinCare if Louisiana at (337) 237-1116. They will be happy to assist you and tend to all of your questions and concerns.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the office of Dr. Kevin J. Duplechain.