So your daughter has curly hair..

Let me just start by saying that my daughter’s curls are wilder than they are. I had always hoped, even before my children were born that they would inherit my curly hair and, by golly, they did. Theirs isn’t quite as curly as mine, but none the less, I have two beautiful, blue eyed, curly headed beaus.

I always get asked how I get my girls hair looking like I do and truth be told, there really is no magic trick to it, you just have to know how to take care of it! Perhaps since I have always had curly hair and I also have a cosmo degree, I probably know more than the normal but that doesn’t mean that the average mom can’t learn a thing or two about how to manage some curly fries.

The number one step in taming any type of wavy hair is product usage. When my girls were first born, they didn’t have hair for the longest time but when it started to grow in, the curls just took over. Shampooing AND CONDITIONING is probably one of the biggest musts when dealing with this hair type. I know it’s difficult to figure out what to use on babies when they’re so little and also factoring in what the actual heck is safe to use. We use Noodle & Boo, The Honest Company and Hot Tot.

Noodle & Boo is a brand that produces products that are safe and effective for babies and mama’s. Their formulas are amazing, I have used quite a few of their products and have loved every single one of them! And the smell…it’s what memories are made of. Seriously, when I smell it, it reminds me of what my girls smelled like when they were newborns. It just takes me back. Getting back to the hair products, I used their extra gentle shampoo, nourishing creme rinse and the conditioning hair polish. The Polish was a great post cleaning product to smooth and de-tangle. They’re all super gentle formulas but perfect for taming their little curls.

Next on my favorites list is The Honest Company. Their products are safe and effective also! They also have a variety of bath time products to choose from with different lovely scents. We used the Shampoo/Body Wash and paired it with the Conditioner. A little truly goes a long way with these products! They also carry a conditioning de-tangler that works really well if your child’s hair tangles easy! Which more than likely, it will if it’s curly!

Lastly, Hot Tot. This was actually an Amazon find but the mom who created this brand actually went on ABCs show Shark Tank and ended up gaining support from one of the sharks on the show and has been building her business ever since. I absolutely love supporting small businesses whenever I can and especially when I love their safe and efficient products. Now, for this line, I have never personally used their shampoo or conditioner. I have heard AMAZING things but I just haven’t tried it yet! No real reason why, however, I have used their Conditioning De-tangler which is basically the bomb dot com. I have also used and still use the Sweet Pea Curl Serum. I absolutely love this in the girls hair, it just calms and smooths it perfectly into place.

These are all my top favorite child products for the girls hair. As far as styling goes, air drying is probably my favorite. Curls are pretty delicate and the least you do with them, the better. When they get out of the tub, I will typically use a wet brush to de-tangle and get my post bath products in quickly and let it do its thing.

Oh and before I forget, whoever said to just use a dime size amount of conditioner tells lies. Do not be deceived, Mama. Those curls are thirsty and they need a drink. I can’t tell you just how much to use on your little one but trial and error it until you figure out how much gets the job done.

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