Fuzzy, Wuzzy Was A…

Fuzzy was a….me. I am Fuzzy Wuzzy. Does anyone else remember that childhood poem? It was my absolute favorite! So,  you’re probably wondering why I am referring myself to a hairless mama bear? Well, for one, I am squishy-ish like a bear and secondly, I also just had my second round of laser hair removal on my face. I am noticing as the time goes on just how non-fuzzy my face is for once in my life!

Let’s rewind a bit shall we? When I was like 13 years old, I begged my mom to let me shave my face. Of course her answer was always no until she finally decided to give in. She let me use one of those face/nose trimmers to edge off all the dark peach fuzz off of my face. You see, with my genetics, I have always had incredibly dark hairs. It was never a thing where I shaved and it grew back in dark, which is a total myth by the way but we will save that lecture for another time. My entire family has dark hair. It only makes sense that I would follow suite and fit in with the rest of them. Even before I hit puberty, I had dark little fuzzes all over my face. As I got older, I  disliked my teenage beard less and less…it got really hard to not just shave it off without my mothers permission. But alas, I was a good girl and waited for her blessing and thank God she finally gave it. I have been shaving my face ever since.

It’s been almost twenty years and I still shave. No, I don’t have a man beard. No, It doesn’t grow in thicker. No, it doesn’t grow in darker. No, it’s not wiry pubes all over my face…however, if you do have a few “granny hairs” as I like to call them, this treatment is for you sister! I have a few myself that have sprouted the older I get and the rest is just dark colored peach fuzz like it always has been. As I have gotten older, I have discovered new ways of hair removal, one being dermaplaning and the other being laser hair removal. Since laser hair removal is more permanent, I figured, why not! So I have tried it and after my second treatment, I am so flipping impressed, it’s unreal!

To prepare for this treatment, I could not:

-Wax or tweeze for at least six weeks prior.

-No Retin-A, antibiotics, tanning/tanning products or skin bleaching.

The reason you cannot wax or tweeze is because the actual hair bulb beneath the skin has to be present for this procedure to be effective. When you wax or tweeze, that little bulb is removed, thus making the laser treatment ineffective. Skin bleaching is a big no, no because the laser used in this treatment is drawn to anything dark so if you bleach, it will be very hard for the laser to target those hairs.  Retin-A, antibiotics or tanning products simply because the skin can react in different ways in general, however, using these products can actually be dangerous to the skin. The kind of dangerous that if you have done any of these things, your procedure will have to be rescheduled and totally for your benefit. Rules are meant to be followed, not broken in this case!

Getting down to the nitty gritty, let’s talk about the actual procedure. Let’s not forget that I had this done on my face so the actual steps I list here could be different when this treatment is done somewhere else on the body..but back to the good stuff. When you get started, your skin will be cleansed to ensure that there are no traces of anything left behind that could alter the lasers ability to do it’s job. Next, you will have goggles placed over your eyes so that the brightness of the laser doesn’t affect your eyes. Then the real fun begins! Your skin care provider will begin working the laser in a complete pattern around the areas of concern..for me, this is the entire “beard” zone. The sides of my face, under my chin, under and above my lips. Voila! It’s a pretty quick job too, I can get the entire treatment done from start to finish in about ten minutes. I’ll add another fun tidbit while I’m at it. Ever smelled burnt hair? You’ll get a slight little whiff of that too, so be prepared!

For the most part, there isn’t any pain either. I’ve done the bikini area before and that was rather painful, however, it is a much more sensitive area. The face on the other hand is actually not all that painful. The upper lip though…I don’t know if you have ever seen a cat hanging upside down on a ceiling but that’s basically what I pictured myself doing the first time I had my upper lip done. It’s very instantaneous though. There’s pain and then it just mellows out immediately after. There’s actually a really interesting feature on the laser that instantly cools the skin when the laser goes off so it helps to soothe the skin. It kind of feels like a little surge of ice. Another factor to consider is that if you are a woman and you are around or on your cycle, the sensitivity in your skin is much greater than normal. And that happened to be the case the first time I had this done. The second time I had it done, it wasn’t shark week, praise Jesus.

Afterwards, you can expect your skin to be slightly inflamed and red for a little while but it does go down. You can go back to normal activities right after with no down time except for some mild redness in the skin. I went to Target right after, I didn’t care. Stare away folks..stare away..admire my iced peppermint mocha too while you’re at it.

The methods prior to the treatment are pretty much all the same for any part of the body but where you have it done on your body can differ in the after care. You can have this treatment done roughly every 4-8 weeks until your desired results are achieved! You can easily learn all about Laser Hair Removal by contacting Laser Skincare Of Louisiana at (337) 237-1116 to schedule your consult or dive straight into an appointment..go ahead, you little daredevil you!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the office of Dr. Kevin J. Duplechain.